The Suites Plaza Hotel has a Wellness Space with a water circuit, a Space for facial and body treatments, and a Fitness Space. The entrance is free but prior reservation is required. 1 hour access.

Opening Times Wellness Space

 Monday to Saturday 13:00h – 21:00h / Sunday from 09:00h – 17:00h.

Children hours (up to 16 years old – accompanied by their parents): Monday to Saturday 13.00h – 20.00h. / Sunday 09.00h  16.00h.

Adults only: Monday to Saturday 20:00h  21:00h. / Sunday 16:00h – 17:00h.

Fitness Space: 07:30h – 21:00h. Outside opening hours, it is required to ask for the key at reception.

Limited capacity, 16 people per hour.

Entry is not recommended for children under 3 years old because they do not have the complete vaccination schedule. If they wish to enter it is under the responsibility of their parents.

Healthy Seasons Spa

Formerly, humans lived connected to nature and its rhythms. There was non written language by which allow us to communicate with the planet.

The essence of this natural connection has been lost with new lifestyles However, we can continue to be connected to these natural rhythms no matter where we develop our lives by practicing self-observation of the environment and giving the body the physical and mental food it needs at all times.

We clearly observe natural rhythms in the cycles of its four seasons. Four great references through the life flows continuously and uninterruptedly.

At Healthy Seasons Spa, we will accompany you in the way to regain your connection with nature and with you.


  • Decontracting massage 50 ́

    Massage technique that works the muscles at a deep level, seeking their relaxation and quick recovery.

    85 €
  • Decontracting massage with arnica and calendula 60'

    Decontracting massage implemented with the anti-inflammatory and soothing properties of these two plants typical of the pyrenees.

    85 €
  • Sports massage + specific stretches 80 ́

    Highly recommended massage after intense exercise that helps functional recovery and relieves muscle and joint pain.

    110 €
  • Relaxing massage 50 ́

    Allow yourself the luxury of relaxing and relieving your daily tension, helping a perfect rest and disconnection.

    70 €
  • Deep relaxation massage 75 ́

    Mix of different relaxation techniques that will transport you wherever you let yourself go.

    95 €
  • Aromatherapy massage

    Relaxing massage with oils specially formulated for your physical and mental well-being.

    75 €
  • Relaxing massage with candles 50 ́

    Massage with candles of hot Shea butter, which provide extra well-being and hydration.

    75 €
  • Cranio- facial relaxation 25 ́

    Relaxation massage with gentle maneuvers on the neck, skull and face.

    45 €
  • Back and Neck Massage 25 ́

    Specific relaxation of the muscles of the back and neck, to release the tensions of the day to day.

    45 €
  • Tired Legs Massage 25 ́

    Indicated to eliminate heaviness of legs and relieve fatigue.

    45 €
  • Relaxing Foot Massage 25 ́

    Gentle and relaxing maneuvers on the sole of the foot to facilitate rest.

    45 €

Winter: The cold, the inclement weather and the longer duration of the darkness invite us to look towards our inner world, as well as to cultivate tranquility and silence.


  • Massage for two lovers 50 ́

    Relaxing massage in double cabin, ending with two glasses of cava to toast lasting love.

    135 €
  • Massage with candles for two lovers 50 ́

    Relaxing massage with hot shea candles that produces an unparalleled feeling of softness and well-being. We will finish the massage toasting with two glasses of cava.

    145 €
  • Ritual Parejas 90'

    Relaxing 30-minute massage inside the private spa with bottle of Juvé & Camps, snacks and 60 minutes of private spa.

    275 €
  • Ritual Hercules 120'

    Relaxing 60-minute massage inside the private spa with bottle of Moët & Chandon, snacks and 60 minutes of private spa.

    365 €
  • Night supplement ( from 21:00 to 00:00 )
    120 €

Spring; It symbolizes flourish and rebirth as life resurfaces in all its splendor. It is the time to regain connection with our deepest longings and materialize a dream or sould desire.


Facial Treatments - Phytomer

  • Hydra blue - refreshing filler treatment 60 ́
    75 €

A perfectly balanced and effective treatment in moisturizing and relaxation. It combines high tec technolygic products with ultra-sensory textures providing a massage of relaxation, moisturizing and comfort to the skin; revealing a natural freshness.

(Indicated for normal, dry and very dry skin)

  • Acnipur - treatment solution of imperfections 60 ́
    75 €

This treatment is the purifying solution for oily or mixed skin with impurities, regardless of your age. It is a highly cleansing, mattifying, balancing sebum production and unifying treatment of the skin.

(Indicated for oily, mixed and acne skin)

  • Youth intention – firming and wrinkle corrector 75 ́
    85 €

This treatment is mainly intended for the healing of first wrinkles or signs of expression and is suitable for all skin types that require an intense exfoliating treatment of the microdermabrasion type for complete rejuvenation and dazzling blush.

It improves the surface of the skin, fills in the first wrinkles and the skin looks firmer and smoother.

(Indicated for all skin types (+ 30 years)

  • Pionnière - youth revealer 75 ́
    105 €

This treatment is recomended at all people who are looking for a highly technical and well-being alliance for an anti-aging efficacy visible from the 1st treatment, it also gives intense relaxation thanks to a very original specific massage, particularly enveloping that provides deep rest.

With it, we reach the highest level of biotechnological performance and restore youth, softness and luminosity to the skin. The skin is softer, firmer and more luminous.

(Suitable for all skin types, anti-aging effect (+50 years)

Summer: Fire and sunlight can inspire us to pursue our goals with passion, increase warmth in our relationships with our loved ones, and make our existence more luminous and positive.


Amber, Vanilla and Patchouli

  • Trip to the Spice Route 80 ́
    90 €

This journey of beauty takes you to the discovery of Ayuvedic aromas with wonderful and intense notes. It is a spiritual journey of 1000 fragrances, authentic legacy of traditions.

The beauty secret of African women is Shea butter. This product is a rejuvenation cure with regenerating and nourishing properties. It softens the epidermis while nourishing it in depth.

Musk, Incensus and Vanilla

  • Travel to Udaipur 80 ́
    90 €

An elegant, feminine, and deeply enchanting journey, straight into the heart of beauty. Udaipur, the Hindu Venice gives us notes of Musk, Incimse and Vanilla: Princely and sensual.

This ritual of perfumes and cosmetics is meant to relax the body and take our mind on a journey.

Orange blossom and Orange Blossom

  • Trip of Delight 80 ́
    90 €

Inspired by Oriental Gardens, full of Orange Blossom This delicate and soothing flower has been used for centuries in beauty for its multiple benefits. Delicious and sensual protagonist in many ancestral rituals.

Green Tea and Ginger

  • Travel to Darjeeling 80 ́
    90 €

In the vicinity of the Himalayas the freshest Green Tea is born. One of the beauty secrets of Asian women and that together with the root of ginger, a species full of mystery for its sweet and spicy perfume provides the skin with a large amount of detox properties.

Autumn: Representative of purification, since the fall of the leaves symbolizes the need to let go of old attitudes, behaviors and ideas that no longer make us happy, thus purifying our life.

Wellness & Beauty Parties

Beauty moments (2,5 h) 85 €

person ( 6+1)

Express manicure

Express pedicure

Study / hair removal lip and eyebrows

Sweet and savory snacks


Private Spa

Luxury Wellness (3h) 150 €

person (6+1)

Body scrub + hydration

Personalized facial treatment

Foot massage

Sweet and savory snacks

Bottle of cava

Private Spa

My Beauty Moment (2h) 60 €

pax (6+1)

Facial exfoliation+hydration

Basic makeup

Exfoliation + hand hydration

Exfoliation+foot hydration


and juices

Basic Wellness (2h) 60 €

pax (6+1)

Relaxing massage of 30 min

Craniofacial massage


Detox juice

Healthy snacks

Private Spa

Beauty Princess (2h) 50 €

Age (10+1)

Manicure Colours

Pedicura Colours

Moisturizing massage hands and feet

Makeup fantasy



Swimming pool


Princess (1,5h) 35 €

age (12+1)

Children’s makeup

Moisturizing foot and hand massage

Snacks and juices

Swimming pool


We can also customize your own Beauty & Wellness Party. Tell us what you need and we will make it happen.

If you wish to cancel your reservation, you must notify the SPA at least 2 hours prior to your scheduled appointment or you will be charged the full amount of the treatment at the time of Check Out.