Emergency exits

The emergency exits of your room are visibly signposted, but in case there was smoke and it was very dense perhaps the visibility would not be good enough and it would be difficult to find the emergency exits, so we ask you to take into account the following points:

  • Count the doors between your room and the emergency exits of your floor.
  • Check the location of fire extinguishers, fire hoses and alarms in the hallway of your room.
  • Check the evacuation plan on the door of your room.

For your safety

The hotel has an emergency action plan that is put in place when a situation of danger occurs. Hotel staff regularly takes fire courses and conduct evacuation drills (four times a year include customer, fire and police intervention).

If you discover fire

  • Call the reception (extension 9).
  • Follow the instructions issued by the public address system, television or hotel staff.
  • Close the door of your room if you cannot get out.

If the fire starts in your room

  • Call the reception (extension 9) from the nearest telephone.
  • Get out of your room immediately.
  • Close the door tightly.
  • Follow the instructions issued by the public address system or hotel staff.

In case of evacuation

  • Follow the instructions issued by the public address system or hotel staff.
  • Walk with caution.
  • Touch the door and knob with the back of your hand. If the door or knob is hot or abnormally hot, do not open it. If If the door is not hot open it very carefully, but be prepared to close it immediately if necessary.
  • If there is smoke in the hallway, stay crouched. Crawl if necessary.
  • Go to the nearest emergency exit.
  • Do not use the elevator!
  • If your exit is blocked, return to the room and close the door.

If you have to stay in the room

Don’t be afraid! You can stay in your room and survive the fire. Here are some things to do while waiting for people to come to your rescue:

  • Turn off the air conditioning.
  • Fill the tub with water (reserve only).
  • Notify you of your location at the hotel reception.
  • Cover the slots of doors and ventilation ducts with wet towels and sheets. If all this is leaking smoke, use a trash can to throw water out of the tub.
  • Remove the curtains from the windows.
  • If smoke still enters the room, protect your head by making an air chamber with a damp blanket.
  • As a last resort, if the smoke becomes too dense, it may be necessary to open a window a little. If the windows do not open, break the glass with a chair or drawer .Do not open or break a window if flames or smoke rise from a lower floor.

If you need special help due to physical limitations, please let us know